What happens in Warwick?

What happens in Warwick?

Postby the_real_dr_bob » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:38 am

So you're in Coventry (yes...Warwick University is in Coventry) and looking for studenty folk well -

Mondays is band practice 1900-2030 in the arts centre then either ceilidh club or a session in the campus pub (Dirty Duck)

Friday nights is rapper from 1800 in the Westwood music centre

First thursday of every month is a Peeping Tom ceilidh

Once a month or so on a Friday we go to Alcester for the contra


Twice a term we have our own ceilidhs

and of course once a year we head off to IVFDF!

Many other things as well depending on where our members are going see - www.warwickfolk.co.uk

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