One! Month! Today!

One! Month! Today!

Postby Gavin Skinner » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:08 am

A round up of news about IVFDF Bristol 2011:

- If you're in the Bristol area, we're holding a pre-Festival Barn Dance with Lupercalia and Phil Bassindale on Monday 7th February, which will be an opportunity to buy tickets, order T-shirts and sign up for stewarding.

- We've got 26 (Twenty-six) sides on the Morris Tour already! Including a number of former University sides reforming especially for the occasion, and a few University sides on their first IVFDF tour! And some of the very finest morris dance sides in the country will be joining us too. If you don't believe me, look at this - with more to be added to the list:

- Our opening night concert with the Jim Moray Band is going to be fantastic!

- We're working with Bristol Folk Festival (which is happening in Bristol from 29 April - 1 May) to host a concert on the Saturday Evening with 5 unsigned folk singers or bands or on the shortlist for the Isambard nu-Folk award. If you know of a band who would like an opportunity to play at both festivals, closing date for entries is 31 January. Entry details can be found at:

- Closing date for pre-orders for T-shirts and personalised Souvenir IVFDF 2011 Badges will be 12th February.

- We will close online ticket sales a few days before the festival - but please buy them sooner rather than later!

- If you would like a full refund on your festival ticket and a free T-shirt in return for a few hours work, please sign up for stewarding.

- We're just finalizing details of The IVFDF Symposium! A series of 60th anniversary talks, films and events to cover a century of folk singing, music, dancing and morris.

- The students' union have a policy of not allowing alcohol to be brought into the building. So please don't bring any, or it may be confiscated, and we may lose our licence. We will have some delicious Butcombe ale and cider, and a range of soft drinks available.

- If you know someone who works at your local student newspaper, or any other local publication, please point them in the direction of our press release, and add a bit of information about your student folk club:

- The provisional programme of events will be up on our website shortly. If you have a workshop to offer and you haven't had it confirmed yet, then please do so QUICKLY!

- The back page advert for Aberdeen 2012 has arrived safely. Hurrah!

- Did we mention stewarding already?

- See you in one month!



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