Floyd at Four O'Clock

Floyd at Four O'Clock

Postby EdCroft » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:25 am

Written on the Saturday night of ICBINI when there were seven of us left in the session room and we felt like a dance.
32 bar reel for 3.5 couples and 1 folk soc mascot. Formation: 3 couple triangular set with spare person in centre and Floyd somewhere in the hall.
1-8 Couple nearest Floyd look left for half R&L with the couple they find (spare person get out of their way). They look left again for another half R&L.
9-16±4 Odd people Adv&Ret. Evens (including the spare person in the middle) RH star until callers calls "Swing!".
~17-24 Swing the one you meet, leaving a new spare even person in the middle.
25-32 Promenade. Identify new Floyd-ward couple.
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